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My Twisted Little Story

   Scotty I started on my leather journey back in the mid 70's.  I was lucky enough to be yanked up by the scruff of my neck and mentored by a woman who was from Chicago.  My Mentor had entered the scene in the 60's.  Her style and her focus on training was one of traditions, protocols and she had a passion for adhering to those ways.  I consider myself as “pretty old school”, but not quite as strict as my Mentor. The Leather scene has changed a lot since I came into it, some for the good and some for the not so good.

I have been "domestically partnered" to a very patient woman for 28 years.  Not sure why we've lasted, but whatever it is, I'm very thankful.  My slaves, subs, boys, girls (insert whatever label you want here) are not my primary relationship, but they are a very treasured part of my life.  My wife and I were officially married in the eyes of the state of California in October, 2008.  Hopefully the bigoted laws of other states will continue to be overturned and any others can get married, if they wish to do so.

Currently, I spend part of my time presenting various classes for the leather community.  I prefer to present classes about the subjects I love.  I also like hosting cigar socials either as the sole host (with much help) or in conjunction with local clubs, events or fundraisers. I seem to always have other projects going on, usually more than I should at any one time.  I am currently planning the last of my cigar socials for 2014 and setting up the classes I will be presenting in 2015.  I'm always on the lookout for good topics.

I have been honored to be one of the judges at the Santa Clara County Leather Contest (2013) and at the Mr/Ms Alameda County Leather Contest (2014).  In March 2015, I will be honored and humbled to be one of the judges at the International Master/slave Contest at South Plains Leather Fest in Dallas. I was on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Valley Leather Corps from 2005 until 2011.  I was awarded SVL's Most Valuable Person Award in 2007.  In 2012, I was one of the nominess for The Pantheon of Leather's Lifetime Achievement Award (female).

I use male honorifics (Master, Daddy and Sir).  I think it fits my energy, but I also normally use "she" and "her."  I like to keep people guessing in these convoluted times of gender. 

I guess you could classify me as a bear.  Bear is often an attitude.  So I can be burly bear, a lazy bear (my wife would agree to this). I have also been accused of being a grizzly bear and an oblivious bear.

I love, have a passion for and a weakness (hint:  this means I really like) for service oriented lesbian/Leatherdyke slaves, girls, boyz/bois and subs.  I come from the generation where Tops (generic use of the word) usually didn't approach bottoms (again, a generic word in this case).  They approached us.  So if you see me standing around in the back of a room holding up a wall, please feel free to come up and say "hi".  I don't bite, until it's negotiated. 

When I consider someone to be in service or owned by me the things that are important are:  intelligence, sanity, stability, commitment, loyalty, desire to serve an old school Master.  Also, a big ticket item for me is a sense of humor.  I actually seek most of these same qualities in my friends too.  Drama types just make my teeth itch. They just suck the energy out of a room. I  steer clear of as much drama as I can.   I can be a little cautious about people when I first meet them. 

Mama Sandy Rheinhardt has honored me with membership in "Mama's Family". I am “Mama’s Daddy Curmudgeon”. A lot of people who know me just nodded when they heard that.  Aren't friends and family wonderful?

The M/s and D/s communities are probably my favorite.  For a lot of reasons (some of them quite selfish, I admit) I wish more lesbian Leatherdykes were into M/s relationships.  Now that I'm back in the SF bay area full time, I'm hoping to meet up with more dykes into M/s and D/s.  I'm especially hoping to meet someone kind of special for myself (I said some of the reasons were selfish).

The Dragon Tear Tribe is my leather family and one of my greatest pleasures.  The family consists of the people I want around me whenever they can be.  I share some of my greatest times with them.  Our family get togethers always have food and fun.  Really lots of food.............and craziness.

I'm kind of a “dinosaur” since I tend to be old fashioned in a lot of my leather.  This isn't an apology, but just shorthand for how I sometimes see the leather scene now.  I'm always happy to meet and talk with like minded individuals or new people who want to learn some of the older traditions.  It gives me hope that not everything I find so important isn't going to fade completely away.

If you would like to contact me you may do so directly by emailing me at Master.Scott at Dombutch dot com.  Make sure you put something in the title about it being in reference to the website or I might delete it thinking it’s spam.  If you see me at an event, please step up and say hello.


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