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Classes Available

I present and teach classes for events, clubs or organization.  Some classes I'll teach one-on-one or to very small groups.  If you are interested in me presenting any classes please contact me at Master.Scott at Dombutch dot com.  Please put "classes" in the subject line.

Classes available for 2014 and 2015



This class is about cigars.  All about cigars.  Different types of tobacco used, different types of cigars, the choosing, cutting, lighting and smoking of cigars.  Covered is also how to store cigars, cigar etiquette and enough information about cigars to make you dangerous.  This class is also offered to small groups or one on one.

Cigar Protocols, Service and Play

Sigmund Freud is credited with saying "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"... but not in the hands of a leather person. Cigars, like leather itself, have a rich history that integrates protocols and traditions into myriad expressions of pleasure. The enjoyment of watching a submissive prepare a cigar, the camaraderie of sharing a smoke and conversation, the sexiness of watching the interplay of heat, smoke and fire in the hand or the mouth....these are some of the many pleasures that will be explored in this class.

Cigars can also be a creative source of play and interaction between Tops and bottoms...using the slave as an ashtray, applying ashes in a creative way, and using the hot ash to terrorize, to name a few.  For the extreme player, cigars can be used to brand.  Cigars are social, sexual and in general, a lot of fun.

Introverted and Extroverted personalities in an M/s or D/s relationship

Innies vs. Outies:  An Opportunity for Mutual Growth 

Introverts vs. Extroverts….What if your Master or slave is the opposite personality from yourself?  These classic differences in communication styles and energy levels within a power exchange relationship can lead to a power struggle within a power exchange relationship.  However, with a bit of understanding, the willingness to compromise where necessary and the mutual desire to make things work, a relationship of opposites can not only be functional but can lead to growth for each party.

Join us for a candid discussion of the potentially positive qualities of our personality differences.


Classes from previous years (classes can be resurrected, if requested)


Aging in the Leather Scene

Aging in America is currently on the minds of the aging baby boomers and those who love them. What about aging in the Leather Scene?  We bring a certain "twist" to all the issues of aging. To our relationships, our play and our place in our community.

This class will consist of some lecture and time for sharing our experiences.


Protocols, what are they and how do you set up your own

We continue to talk about protocols.  Formal, high, everyday protocols.  What are they?  Are they set in stone?  How do you develop your own protocols?  This class covers a wide range of topics about protocols.  We will go into detail how public protocols differ from private protocols.  This class consists of some lecture and a lot of chance for the class to discuss topics.


The Cliff Notes Version of Leather History

The Introverted Dominant