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People have asked me for some of my interests.  Here are a few, but by no means all...........


Leather History - Most of the leather history I was taught was oral history.  There wasn't much in the way of books when I first came into the scene.  I read what I can find and have started to think about writing about what I was told and taught.  As soon as I find someone who can write as I ramble along, I may do it.

Knives - I collect knives.  I love knives.  I do use them in scenes, but I don’t cut a lot.  Knives aren't very good for cutting in a scene.

Reading - I have always read a lot.  I usually have at least 3 or 4 books that I am reading and a huge stack (or 3) I’m always trying to get to.  I like history, true crime, biographies and have promised myself someday I will read all of the classics and the near classics, that I haven't read.

Music - I like music a lot.  I go in stages of what I listen to since I like many kinds.  I lean a lot towards the blues, different kinds and from different eras.  I also like vintage rock, jazz, "old standards", and some country crossover.

Good Wine - Good wine is a very subjective term.  I have had friends tell me of a great wine they love and after drinking it thinking to myself, what in the hell were they talking about?  I’m sure the same thing has happened to them with some of my recommendations.  I live within a couple of hours from 2 large "wine countries" (3 if you count Napa and Sonoma as 2 separate wine regions) so I have easy access to great wineries.

Comedy - I like comedy that is intelligent.  Most of the sophomoric crap out now is just part of what I think of as the "dumbing down of America".  I like my comedy to have a bite, so often like satire.  My sense of humor can be dry.  I do confess I am guilty of liking a few schlock comedies:  "Animal House", "History of the World Part I" and "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". But that's it (honest).  I think they have something to do with my childhood.  Maybe they are my ‘exception to the rule’ comedies.

Hanging Out - I like to hang out with my Leather family and close friends.  I am a home body and get a great deal of enjoyment from doing things around the house.  Give me a select group of people, a backyard BBQ, some good blues CDs and a fine cigar, and I'm a happy leather camper.

Shined Boots - I know some people might find this an odd item to add to interests (old school types like myself won't), but a good bootblack is hard to find so I always appreciate when I can find someone who does a great job of shining my boots.  I also appreciate the skills of those who can make my leathers look like a million bucks.  This skill is one I look for in my subs and slaves.  If they don’t have it, they will be required to learn those skills.  Luckily for them, there are several excellent teachers in this part of CA.

Service and protocol oriented slaves, subs, boys, girls etc. - I prefer to own lesbian/Leatherdykes that understand and like some of the older traditions and rituals I prefer.  I just seem to have more in common with them.  I like spit and polish precision.  It seems to be rare to find a slave that wants to serve an old school Master.  But I'm hoping....

Teaching About Cigars – I love to share info about cigars with other cigar lovers.  When teaching, invariably, I learn something from my audience that I didn’t know.  I co-presented a class on “Cigar Play and Protocols” at 2009 Sacramento Valley Heat. I have also taught quick about classes cigars at some local events.  I also co-presented a class at Northwest Leather Celebration in May, 2011 on Cigar Protocols and Play.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to sit around and smoke cigars off and on all weekend. I would love to teach more of these classes.

Presenting Classes in General - I like to teach several classes.  Most of the ones I have the most fun with are about history, protocols, and relationships.

Collecting and smoking good cigars - Again this is very subjective.  It's what I like and am willing to spend my money on.  I have an industrialized size humidor and a couple of smaller ones.  They are always filled to overflowing because I seem to collect faster than I have the opportunity to smoke.  I also enjoy a sub/slave who knows good cigar service.  It would be something they would be required to learn.

Mentoring - I like to mentor people.  But over the years I have gotten very selective in doing that.  This unfortunately came about because of people who claimed they wanted to be mentored and wouldn't do the work.  I now make it a rule to take it slow.  Make sure someone understands what it will take.  I also have to have a connection with them.  If I don't like them as a person, obviously I wouldn't mentor them, but this is deeper.  There has to be a spark between us.  I make it a rule to not mentor anyone I wouldn't want in my own family.  I will also train someone, but the same rules apply.

And Last, but not least………..

Cuban Cigars - These can be hard to get since it’s illegal to import them to the U. S.  They aren't impossible but they are difficult.  Luckily, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic are putting out excellent cigars.  I love Fuente Fuente’s Opus X line and also their Hemingway Short Story, Work of Art and Best Seller.



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